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Projects completed

About Konmar

The Company was founded in 2005 as a civil engineering company. From the beginning, the activity
was focused on engineering design together with the implementation of completed projects. By
conducting a comprehensive cross-section of tasks, the Company gained experience and practice by
combining technical knowledge with installation and operating experience. The acquired knowledge
allows us to improve the team’s qualifications and knowledge, and thus, allows for a continuous
improvement of the tasks performed.
The offer is therefore targeted at the customers and based upon the practice and experience gained
on the assembly and operation of the installation in the warranty and post-warranty periods.

Company offer

The Konmar company deals with designing of:
– refractory linings of:
– furnaces in the lime and cement industries,
– furnaces in steel industry,
– furnaces in non-ferrous industry,
– thermal devices applicable (working) in waste incineration plants processing :
– medical wastes,
– municipal wastes,
– industrial and zoonotic wastes,
– steel technological constructions,
– other engineering devices related to thermal technology,
– thermal analyzes in steady and unsteady states/conditions related to the operation of
furnace units in the industries above-mentioned.
In addition, the Company provides services in the field of:
– welding of steel constructions of ordinary, stainless and heat resistant steel,
– mobile service of technological devices at the customer’s and in-house workshop,
– making steel molds for casting concrete prefabricates,
– MIG/MAG/TIG welding of constructions of black and quality steel,
– consultancy in the field of mechanical aspects and refractory linings,
– supervision over refractory materials installation in different thermal devices,
– full range installation of the refractory materials,
– assembly and movement of devices by using handling equipment for (roller carts, hydraulic
lifting platforms, mobile frame for lifting elements).

Projects completed

In recent years, Konmar has completed successfully the following projects:
– design and implementation of three lines for the incineration of medical, municipal and zoonotic
wastes in the scope of construction and refractory lining,
– designing of a full range reconstruction of a production hall (800m2) with a 12,5 t crane ,
– designing a new raw material shelter (1000m2) together with an industrial ventilation system for
process dusts as well as with thermo-modernization of both facilities (cubage of approx. 20 000m3),
– designs of refractory linings of thermal devices in steel, cement, lime and non-ferrous industry,
– design and implementation of molds for casting of prefabricated elements made of refractory
– design of refractory lining of the Jaworzno III – 910MW power boiler,
– design of caisson components of a combustion chamber of rotary anode furnaces (aimed at
increasing the refractory lining performance by about 10 times),
– upgrading project for the blow system in the anode rotary furnace,
– design of lining and expansion of the shaft furnace decanter,
– upgrading of the lining and copper rods casting system for the furnace I
– design and execution of a complete technological line for lead melting (1 furnace and loading
Control and Measurement Instruments and Automation
– design of the lining of the upper part of the flash smelting furnace,
– design of flexible fixing together with the lining of overflow gutter of a shaft furnace,
– upgrading project for the lining of the furnace for copper melting with inductors.

Equipment and tools

The Company has licensed design items, based on 3D software:
– Autodesk Inventor,
– Solid Edge,
– AutoCAD.
The Company has a machine park situated at Sędziszów Małopolski, viz.:
– a 3-roll rolling mill with a rolling thickness of 8mm and a width of 2000mm,
– a band saw for cutting rectangular sections max. 500x300mm,
– a table drilling up to 40mm drilling diameter,
– a gantry crane of 5t,
– TIG/MIG/MAG welders,
– other small mechanical devices.
In addition, the Company has got:
– fully equipped 2 cars with an on-board workshop in the version with 3 and 7 seats,
– delivery and passenger cars,
– forklifts of 3,5t H=3,3m and 5,0t H-5,5m.



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